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Setting New PW
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If you forgot your password, you can set a new password by password reset procedure:

(Step 1) Apply password reset form:

    Fill your ID and registered E-Mail address in the form.

(Step 2) System send out your authentication E-Mail:

    After your applying confirmed, system will send you a authenticaiton E-Mail to your registered E-Mail address with a link.

(Step 3) Setup your new password through the link:

    After you got the authentication mail, you will get a link that can direct you to the password setup form in BTT.

(Step 4) Complete your setting:

    After your correctly submit, you can just use your new password login!
If you cannot received authentication E-Mail from BTT, you can still manually send your setting request to BTT E-Mail address . Remember, you only can use your registered E-Mail to send the request.
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